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the GG show 第七集:Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country - 🇧🇿 Belize & Vietnam 🇻🇳 (P1)

Episode 07 in the GG show on Covid-19 pandemic in me and in my home country - Belize & Vietnam part1

Michelle LU
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Good Morning! Good Afternoon! and Good Evening! Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the GG show! and I am your host: Ms. GG. Welcome to this podcast channel where we invite people around us and interview them to tell the story in their lives
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各位觀眾我想這是我們第一次,由Mona Lisa 還有 Mickey,在這一個特別艱苦的疫情時間,第一次使用Google Meet 校園旗艦版,邀請訪談貴賓來線,來取代原本應該要在OnMic Studio的Podcast錄音,之後訪談過後,立刻從Google Meet下載MP4檔案,抓到威力導演裡面開始編輯,插上片頭版權音樂,入口旁白,調整音效淡出鍵入,全部都是Mona Lisa 還有 Mickey的第一次,更不用說還有超級麻煩的檔案輸出,還要去轉檔成MP3,我只能夠說,他們總也是會有第一次。哈!

We are also trying to develop a new series, namely "Covid-19 pandemic in me and my home country".  I know many of our international students studying in Taiwan were stocked somehow during this pandemic and we are concerned whether your feelings and thought are being listened carefully.  And we think it would be meaningful, if we invited our international students to talk about their life in Taiwan and also talk about their most beloved one back home, especially during this time around a year or more after it started from the end of 2019.  More importantly, we in Taiwan rarely know the situation outside Taiwan, even we keep chasing after news reports on how the pandemic goes, but it won't be better than listen to you talking about the situation in your home country.

Let’s welcome Lila and Karin from the Belize, and also Tuan Hung from the Vietnam!


來聽聽這一場,來自於貝里斯 (Belize) 還有越南 (Vietnam)的國際學生,他們的故事吧!

photo credit to Bambou Gili, “Distance of the moon”, 2020




Government work:

For vaccination:


Severity of COVID 19 spreading 

1.)  - 3 COVID-19 Deaths Recorded in 2 Days

2.)  - Belize Confirms First Case Of UK Variant Of COVID-19 In Member Of BATSUB

3.)  - Outbreak of COVID-19 at Princess Casino

Government's Act & Strategy to Flatten Curve

1.)  - PAHO/WHO Belize Response to COVID-19 (January - August 2020) 

2.)  - 3 Frontliners Are First To Get Jab

3.)  - Belize Places Temporary Ban on Visit to India and Bangladesh


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主持人Host:Ms. GG

邀請貴賓Inivted Guests:Lila, Karina, Tuan Hung

錄製日期時間Rocording Date/Time:2021.05.22 下午 12:00 ~ 13:30pm

訪問大綱 Interview Guide:

01. Could you please introduce yourself and where you from?

02. For the past year, where were you? what did you do? and what happened to this world? how did you feel?

03. How is the situation now in your mother country? could you please briefly take us to your country's story from when Covid-19's first strike, what did it do?

04. Please provide THREE news reports (better in English if possible and you may briefly tell the audience what the news report about in the recording) about the severity of Covid-19 spreading in your home country.

- it would be very appreciated if you could provide these news reports to the host before the recording.

05. Please provide THREE news reports (better in English if possible) about how the government's act and strategy to flatten the curve.

- it would be very appreciated if you could provide these news reports to the host before the recording.

06. Specifically on the Vaccination Roll-out, please tell us what is the ongoing plan in your home country.

錄音編輯後製Editing:Mona Lisa & Mickey (我其實也很懷疑他們是怎樣摸出來的XD)

音樂版權Music Authorization:Music by VALNTN - Mona Lisa -

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